September 26, 2005

New Kerry Documentary Dissects Failed '04 Campaign

Looks like there's a new behind-the-scenes examination of the John Kerry Presidential Campaign coming out soon. The film, titled "Inside The Bubble", reportedly presents a harsh view of the French-looking Massachussetts Senator (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) and his political operatives. A press release for the film calls the Kerry campaign:

..."a disorganized, contentious, self-absorbed team that thought they could win by 'not making mistakes,' and keeping their candidate in the public eye without clarifying a position on anything."
Hillary operatives are supposedly all excited over the film as it would likely have a negative effect on Kerry's plans for a Presidential run in 2008.

If it comes out on DVD, I'd probably be interested in seeing it to revel in a little Schadenfreude and have a few laughs. Campaign documentaries are generally very well done or truly boring. The gold standard is probably 1993's "The War Room" which looked at Clinton's 1992 campaign. Another one on that election year, called "Feed", was billed as a laugh riot. I saw it in a theater and nearly fell asleep.

This one will likely be strictly fodder for political junkies, and have limited appeal beyond that. I mean Kerry was boring enough when he ran, I can't imagine a behind-the-scenes look at him would be noteworthy filmmaking. If I get my hands on a copy, I'll review it.

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