March 02, 2006

New Battleground Poll Released

I don't normally cite polls (except to debunk them) but this one, the Battleground Poll, at least provides the data and methodology to support its findings. In fact, it's actually two reports - one Republican interpretation and one Democrat interpretation. And their authors, Ed Goeas and Celinda Lake, respectively, tend to try and use the data to offer their respective parties some constructive advice.

The biggest conclusion: According to the majority of those polled, politicians in general suck.

The political environment in Washington has gotten especially toxic these days and voters - Democrats, Republicans and Independents are really getting fed up with it. Ironically, they're not especially fed up enough to vote out their own representative but their overall opinion of Washington is abysmal.

From the Republican Analysis (.pdf file):

“Can Republicans lose control of Congress? The data would suggest that under the current political environment it is possible, but does not yet lead one to believe it is probable. Republicans should take solace in the fact that the overall numbers have not changed [since five months ago] and voters view Democratic leaders as negatively as Republican leaders. If the political environment does not change, the outcome of the 2006 elections becomes increasingly a roll of the dice – dependent on how the campaign’s are run, party and interest group resources, and intensity of base voters to turn out to vote.”
From the Democrat Analysis (.pdf file):
“While emphasizing the need for change, Democrats need to be aware that voters do not place the blame for the corruption entirely on Republicans. In fact, many voters see this as endemic in our government, and as such, it pervades both parties. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of voters say that the blame lies with both parties equally. However, among those voters who do put the blame on one party 20 percent say it is Republicans who are the cause and just 11 percent say it is Democrats. It should be noted that those likely to lay blame with one party are stronger partisans.”
In other words, Republicans can't depend on winning with the status quo but Democrats won't necessarily win by attacking the status quo unless they take the high road and - credibly - push meaningful ethics reform.

And those folks out there still crowing over the latest C-BS poll of the President's job approval rating (which has already been exposed as highly flawed), should heed what Democrat Celinda Lake has to say:

“A warning to both parties – voters have an even more negative view of Congress’ job performance than they do of the President’s (37 percent approve, 56 percent disapprove – 38 percent strongly.”
No party has cornered the market on integrity or honesty. Each will have to walk the walk this election season or, quite literally, anything can happen.

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