June 14, 2006

Fitz's Case Doesn't Hold Water, And It Never Did

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's relentless (and fruitless) pursuit of a well-photographed "frog march" for Karl Rove fizzled (or should I say, "Fitz-led"). The primary reason - his case is bullshit, always has been. The editors of OpinionJournal.com put it plainly:

"In the end, it seems Mr. Fitzgerald was trying to trap Mr. Rove over the minor matter of his failure to remember a conversation with Time reporter Matthew Cooper. But Mr. Rove is the one who later volunteered information about the conversation to Mr. Fitzgerald, after a check of White House records reminded him of it. A perjury or obstruction accusation based on that inconsequential discrepancy would have been prosecutorial misconduct.

The Rove decision also finally discredits the accusation that there was some grand White House conspiracy to smear Mr. Wilson. Mr. Fitzgerald has brought no charges concerning the original leak, which means there was no underlying crime. His entire case--and this entire "scandal"--has been distilled to charges of perjury and obstruction against one man, former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

And that one case comes down to nothing more than the fact that Mr. Libby's memory of conversations with three reporters differs from that of the reporters themselves. Think we're exaggerating? Here's how the judge in the case, Reggie B. Walton, summarized it in a recent ruling on evidence: "The charges against the defendant are based entirely [our emphasis] upon what the defendant has said was discussed during his conversations with these news reporters."

Assuming Fitzgerald's case against Libby is not thrown out, the charges against him will go before a grand jury. That would actually be the best course for the White House because when a group of objective jurors examine Fitz's hearsay "evidence" they will bitch-slap him back with a full vindication of the former VP Chief of Staff.

The image of Fitzgerald as a partisan (and incompetent) hack will be reinforced in the minds of anyone who does not refer to the President as Chimpy McHitler on a regular basis. And the lump of Fitzmas coal left yesterday in the Left's stocking will morph into a dry, stale turd.

And - once again - I will giggle myself silly.

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1 Fitzgerald is a homosexual and Rove threatened to out him.

Posted by: KerryKerryDingleBerry at June 14, 2006 10:17 AM (HrRL9)

2 One lefty blog I frequent had a poll going as to when Rove would be indicted. The prize was to be margaritas and Tai chicken wings. Whoever got closest to his indictment date. I made sure to drop by yesterday and inquire as to the state of their poll. :wink:

Posted by: Jenn at June 14, 2006 12:17 PM (QD9ey)

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