April 28, 2006

Final Thoughts On The Snow Job

The editors at National Review Online cheer the Tony Snow appointment as WH Press Secretary. And they give Conservatives another reason to be up about this move by the White House:

"As former editorial editor of the Detroit News and the Washington Times, he is well versed in policy and understands his fellow conservatives. He wouldn't have been blindsided by the outcry against Harriet Miers or the Hill revolt over the Dubai ports deal. He shares conservatives' frustration with expansions in the government's size and scope. And he will bring important perspective to Bush aides, who at times appear out of touch with their supporters' sentiments, and have been unable to tell which criticisms of the president would have resonance and which wouldn't."
Snow's familiarity with the Republican base and the world of political reality will help keep the President connected to the people whose support he most needs right now.

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