October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws

Whew. Less than twenty-four hours after my post officially opposing this nomination, Harriet Miers apparently was convinced enough by my persuasive arguments to withdraw her nomination. Seriously, though. It doesn't come a moment too soon.

Michelle Malkin's feelings echo mine (and probably most of the blogosphere):

What a relief. Sad, pensive, what-a-waste relief. Not happy-joy-joy relief.
There will be those on the Right who will be more than relieved. They'll be gloating. Cut that shit out right now! It's time to unite again for a new nominee.

I'm sure the President is angry right now. I hope he takes some time to cool off. This is no time to be playing games by throwing in Alberto Gonzales' name. He needs to pick a tried and true Conservative, originalist, strict constructionist nominee who will make mincemeat out of their opposition. Man, woman, white, black, hispanic...whatever. If the pick is any one that was on the wishboards prior to him picking Miers, Republicans will come together and fight hard. They need to, because so will the Democrats.

I predict that this time next month, Liberals will be kicking themselves that they didn't get Miers.

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1 Yup...liberals will definitely be in for a fight, now. I just want to put this behind us and move on.

Posted by: Wordsmith at October 27, 2005 01:53 PM (nrGCx)

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