April 11, 2006

To Hell In A Handbasket

What do you get when you take one of the biggest bastions of small-government Yankee Conservatism and add an influx of aging ex-hippie, tofu-eating, dope-smoking, Chomsky-reading moonbats who elect an avowed Socialist as their only Congressman and a certifiable lunatic as their former Governor?

The highest per capita taxes in the entire nation. Calvin Coolidge must be rolling in his grave. Dang Flatlanders!

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1 All true, it is now a total moonbat paradise. I remember 'Bob,' who was delivering my 5th cord of wood in preparation for the coming winter observe that "real Vermonters" don't go for such tomfoolerty, and the moonbats live only in Burlington, and "got no bark on em'." He laughed you could always spot em' by their LL Bean stuff. Damn it's a beautiful place, the hike to the top of camel's hump is awesome, and x-country skiing cannot be beaten. It is truly amazing how too many Ben & Jerry's could ruin the place and turn it into a socialist tyranny. But they did only a few short years after they left Boston, and New York. Vermonters thought those people were Americans, but the immigrants from the west and south lied... they were subversive to the pure democracy in the Republic of Vermont.

Posted by: NOTR at April 13, 2006 07:36 AM (izx0t)

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