December 16, 2005

The Silence Speaks Volumes

So apparently the historical election in Iraq doesn't warrant an editorial in the NY Times or the WaPo. Pathetic.

Generally speaking, the Liberal side of the blogosphere is pretty quiet as well.

But Decision '08 has a round-up of the Top Ten Kos Kidz' reactions. One of my favorites:

"This is just theater. All completely meaningless, and woe to the suckers who buy into this BS."
Bitterness. It's all-consuming, isn't it?

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December 08, 2005

Welcome To Connecticut

Once again, the members of the moonbat Left prove that they are the champions of Free Speech Censorship. As Conservative writer Ann Coulter attempted to give a speech at the University of Connecticut last night, she wasn't surprised to be interrupted repeatedly by boos and jeers. The hecklers were so loud and obnoxious that she had to cut the speech short and revert to a Q&A format.

"I love to engage in repartee with people who are stupider than I am," Coulter told the 2,600 people at Jorgensen Auditorium.

Coulter's appearance prompted protests from several groups, including Students Against Hate and the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center. They criticized her for spreading a message of hate and intolerance.

Nearly 100 students gathered inside the Student Union for a rally against Coulter. About a half-dozen people held protest signs outside the auditorium.

I really have to laugh at these loons. They live and breath tolerance, right? Hey, what could be more tolerant than to shout down an opinion that differs with yours? Just call it "hate speech". And exactly how do they define "hate speech"? Certainly not advocating that soldiers shoot their officers, calling the President a fascist who must die or hanging a stature of Santa Claus by a noose. Nah, no "hate" there.

Hey, you want to disagree with someone and even rebutt their comments? Fine, choose an outlet and have your say. But to claim to be all for tolerance and then prevent someone from speaking their mind is the height of hypocrisy (a word that has become synonymous with "Liberalism" these days). Liberals aren't used to defending their outrageous claims. So when they're challenged they cry "hate speech".

Of course, the real fear these cretins have is that what Coulter says might cause people to..."gasp"...actually agree with her. And we can't have that now, can we?

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December 07, 2005

The Left "On the Couch"

Dr. Sanity (a certified mental health professional) takes a fascinating look at the underlying causes of "Bush Derangement Syndrome":

What is most funny is that these psychologically naiive individuals simultaneously think of Bush as this "criminal mastermind"--a genius of evil; and also as a complete moron who isn't capable of uttering a sentence without making a hash of it; or that his brain is controlled by the equally evil Karl Rove.

The cognitive dissonance required to have all these contradictory beliefs swirling around in one's brain is astonishing. But besides the primary function it serves to erase from consciousness what is happening in the world today, it is serving a secondary purpose--it makes them feel in control of what might come.

They can predict with the complete accuracy of the delusional mind that whatever happens--whatever horror is unleased by Al Qaeda or Hamas or Islamic Jihad--was caused by President Bush's actions/inactions/intentions (take your pick).

They can conduct a brave protest march against the evil Bush...but clearly they don't dare protest real terror or terrorist acts the way that the Jordanians or the Lebanese did, for example. The terrorists are simply poor, misunderstood individuals who have been oppressed by...Bush. Get rid of Bush (or America; or Israel) and voila! Problem solved!

I always figured there was some kind of underlying mass neurosis to such an intense and bitter (not to mention irrational) hatred for the President.

But go read the whole thing. It's really interesting.

Hat Tip to Michelle Malkin

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