September 27, 2006

Leftards And Ahmadinejad...Perfect Together

Why not? They both hate Bush right? John at Wuzzadem shows a useful idiot and the Iranian nutball finding "common ground".

Warning: Finish your breakfast/morning coffee before clicking or you'll risk having it fly out your nose.

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September 05, 2006

Left-wing Blogosphere Losing Their Minds Over ABC's "The Path To 9/11"

First of all let me say that I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the Disney-owned network ABC would actually present a miniseries that would paint the Clinton Adminstration is such an unfavorable light. I can only chalk it up a stronger drive for ratings (the big "Manning Bowl" NFL premiere will be airing the same night on NBC) overcoming a desire to whitewash the former President's deficiencies in pursuing the threat of terrorism during the 1990's.

Yeah, we can all play Monday morning quarterbacks since 9/11. But the film's scrutiny of the Clinton-Albright-Berger-Reno crew has more to do with highlighting their mindset that terrorists should be treated like criminals rather than combatants - a mindset that, by the way, that is still ingrained in the leadership of the Democrat party five years after the attack. The facts of history are difficult to ignore. Having swept the decks for the Democrats by ending the Cold War, Republican Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush freed up President Clinton and his Administration to deal with other threats to national security.

As Dick Morris likes to point out (and this guy knows first-hand), Clinton had no desire to even acknowledge the threat of terrorism - from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 to the Khobar Towers to the U.S.S. Cole. Why? Because the issue didn't poll well. The fact is, we could have had Bin Laden handed to us on a silver platter. We declined the offer. We could have connected the dots that would have led to the thwarting of the plan that was executed on 9/11 - that is, if the Clinton Justice Department hadn't prevented the CIA and FBI from sharing information (remember the "Gorelick memo"?).

Now Democrats - who already have a credibility problem in the area of National Security - are losing it because they're being forced to confront the truth. And, sadly for them, it comes at a time when voters are beginning to pay attention to the coming mid-term elections. Why are they so determined to discredit this mini-series?

Jason Apuzzo at Libertas explains:

Make no mistake about what this film does, among other things: it places the question of the Clinton Administration’s culpability for the 9/11 attacks front and center. And Sandy Berger won’t be able to stuff this film down his pants; the film shows him hanging-up on the CIA and the Northern Alliance right as they were calling him for approval to get bin Laden. Nor will Madeline Albright’s faux-European hauteur be sufficient to cover her shame in helping botch a missile strike against bin Laden - something else depicted in the film. As for Clinton, the film makes him look strikingly bafoonish (merely by intercutting actual footage of him), and captures the legalistic, ‘depends-on-what-the-meaning-of-the-word-is-is’/CYA culture that defined his administration.
The folks at that blog are among the few who've actually seen "The Path To 9/11". The review by Libertas' Govindini Murty is here.

Who specifically is doing all the moaning and groaning? The usual suspects, of course. And rather than watch the film and try to rebut it with facts, they're screaming for it not to be aired at all.

Funny, I thought Liberals were against censorship. Whatever.

Now, my Lefty friends will all scream about that miniseries about the Reagans that got pulled off the air by CBS back in 2003 because Conservatives squawked about it. Okay, well the difference there is that the writer of that little hatchet-job admitted in the end that almost all of the events and the dialogue that he wrote were pretty much made up (but he was sure that's what they were really like).

This project was based on the results of the 9/11 Commission and is rooted in facts that are on the record (despite Sandy Burglar's attempt to shove the evidence down his socks and pants).

The fact that "The Path To 9/11" evokes such outrage and frenzy among the nutroots indicates how close it hits to the mark. For those who want to be sure, I say watch it and judge for yourself.

It's airing Sunday, September 10th and 11th on ABC from 8pm to 11pm each night.

Oh, and for those huge Giants and Colts fans out there? Just set those VCRs, DVRs and TiVos!

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