July 19, 2006

Smog Smug Alert

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics describes pretty aptly why Liberals so often have problems winning over voters:

One of the major failings of liberals (and liberalism in general) is an attitude that reeks of smugness, of arrogance, and of a sense of intellectual and cultural superiority. They're enlightened, the rest of us are not. And, as a matter of policy, they know what's best for us poor unwashed dolts living between Manhattan and Berkeley, and Brentwood and Georgetown. Limousine liberals often fail to connect with "regular" people because they talk down to them, primarily because liberals view so many of their values with contempt - especially if we're talking about the South.
I find this to be especially true of those who aspire to be Limousine Liberals; those average folks, especially in Blue States, who see themselves as a cut above the rest of us ignorant, flag-waving rubes - all the while enjoying the smell of their own farts.

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