July 28, 2005

Gov. Mark Warner - More of a problem for the Dems than a solution...

Steve the Llama Butcher thinks my shameless promotion the Presidential candidacy of Sen. George Allen (VA) is futile. This is because apparently the name of the Democrat Governor of Virginia...dum...dum...duuuuuuuuum...Mark Warner makes
him nervous.

But as his partner, Robbo, points out, the WSJ remains skeptical about the viability of Warner should he challenge Allen for his Senate seat in 2006.

The Virginia state budget has expanded by 26% over Gov. Warner's tenure, about twice the national average for the states. He received a "D" on the Cato Institute Fiscal Report Card of the Governors. "The claim that Mark Warner is a fiscal conservative," complains Peter Ferrara, president of the Virginia Free Enterprise Fund, "is straight out of an Aesop's Fable."

The challenge for Gov. Warner is to try to sell this fable to Democrats and independent voters who live outside the Old Dominion State. He benefits from the fact that "hate Bush" Democrats want to believe in the existence of a charming, pro-business, fiscal savior who can put red states like Virginia back in play. That's why the pros in the party are trumpeting "Clinton-Warner" as the dream ticket in 2008. All that seems to be standing in Mr. Warner's way is his disappointing record as governor.

Warner should also make the '08 race more interesting for Democrats as he campaigns to the right of Hillary during the primary season while the MoveOn.org Left wing pressures her to stay true to the Uber-Liberal base.

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