April 28, 2005

Glenn Reynolds on Andrew Sullivan's "hand-wringing"...

Instapundit takes Sullivan to task on his "theocracy obsession".
I do think, though, that Andrew's constant complaints about theocracy aren't helping and indeed make even his valid points less persuasive. Andrew did a wonderful job of convincing undecideds -- and even some decided-againsts -- to think positively of gay rights and gay marriage, but lately his tone has been such that I doubt it's winning many converts. I support gay marriage, though no doubt with less intensity than Andrew, but it's clearly a minority position in the country, and last year's courtroom "victories" seem to have done more harm than good. You go from being a minority position, to a majority position, by convincing people that you're right. It's not clear to me that playing the theocracy card will do that. Because either the American people agree with the "theocrats'" program, in which case there's not much difference between theocracy and democracy, and you'd really better start changing some minds, or they don't agree with it, in which case they'll discipline the Republicans at the next election -- assuming that the opposition doesn't discredit itself to an even greater degree first.

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