June 23, 2005

Flag-Burning Amendment Passes House...

Time for this crop of Senators to go on the record.

By the required majority, the House passed an amendment by a margin of 286 - 130 to outlaw flag burning. Considering the process required to get any amendment passed, the future success of this legislation is in serious doubt.

But then, that's not the main point. Let's call a spade a spade here. Now that the measure heads to the Senate, Democrat Senators will be forced to stand up and be counted. Sure the standard Liberal icons like Teddy Kennedy will vote "no" and just about all of the Democrats from the Blue States will surely tow their party's line. No big story.

And what of those Democrats in the States that voted heavily for President Bush? The ones up for re-election in 2006 (and even 200 will be put into an uncomfortable situation - justifying a "no" vote to their constituents.

Look, most of the American people don't feel strongly enough about this amendment to fight for it - or even to pay much attention. But they recognize that there is absolutely no serious reason not to support it and that voting "no" is a reflection of the current state of the Democrat party. Are they going to accept such lame arguments as the one put forth by Hillary: "I don't believe a constitutional amendment is the answer"? What kind of political double-talk is that? What is the answer then, Sen. Clinton? For that matter, what is the question? Be honest. If the current base of your party didn't view the American flag as a symbol of oppression and imperialism what possible reason could you come up with to not support this? Anyone? Buehler...Buehler...?

At the very least it will remind unaffiliateds and even some disillusioned Democrats how much the party is becoming a Left-wing caricature of its former self. And maybe it will even help the GOP pick up a few extra Senate seats in the next election cycle.

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