March 16, 2006

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks?

I've been going at a frantic pace both at work and at home, which explains the light posting. But I've gathered up a bunch of links in my favorites since Monday that I need to cram all into one post:

- New York voters are fine about sending Hillary back to the Senate this November, but an astonishing 6 out 10 don't support her for President?

- Ralph Peters, columnist for the NY Post, went to Iraq. He's pleased to share his first-hand experiences to tear away the myths that the MSM have created about the situation. It ain't perfect, but things are going much better than they would have you believe.

- Jonathan Gurwitz in skewers the Angry Left in the netroots and their feeble attempts to influence elections.

So far, threats like these seem the best the Angry Left can muster. They now have a disastrous 0-17 record stretching back to 2004. The netroots leaders resemble nothing so much as World War I commanders, who after each successive setback maintained that victory was tantalizingly close, and lobbed more artillery shells and threw more troops over the top. Similarly among the netroots, the article of faith is that victory is only a matter of trying harder, upping the rhetoric and raising more money.
- American Digest blogger Gerard predicts that the recent censure stunt will create a backlash against Democrats among swing voters. I heartily agree.

- And Captain Ed calls Russ Feingold "Karl Rove's Secret Weapon".


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1 There are two possibilities for a TV Pilot... The Adventures of Russ Feingold, Republican Mole (a combination of 24 and Alias). or The MisAdventures of Russ Foolsgold (Gilligan's Island meets West Wing)

Posted by: Barry Johnson at March 16, 2006 07:22 PM (scPLM)

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