March 23, 2005

DNC Chair Dean continues Southern “Revival” Tour…

Howard Dean, currently touring Southern States in an attempt to win over the hearts and minds of that regionÂ’s Democrat voters, recently hit a snag at his stop in Tennessee. Seems that the StateÂ’s Democrat Governor was oddly unable to make time to meet with the Chairman. As Ankle-Biting Pundits reports from a story at

Dean said he and Bredesen have met several times and he considers the governor "a good friend." The two men will not see each other during the current trip, with Dean explaining the governor would be "in Memphis."
I suppose that means that Bredesen was too busy rearranging his sock drawer.

At a speech delivered at Vanderbilt University last night, Dean conducted his usual fire-brand oratory. Quoting scripture twice, Dean was reported by the Tennessean as having said:

"Jesus' directive to ''love thy neighbor'' didn't mean one could choose which ones to love. He then remarked that Republicans never brought up the scriptural verse saying it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven."
HoKay! More like it would be easier for winged monkeys to fly out of my butt than for a Northeastern Liberal Kook to increase his popularity in Red-State America.

But Dean also encouraged those disconnected with politics to get involved:

''It's not about Republicans and Democrats, but about democracy that works,'' he said. ''I'd rather see someone go to work for a Republican campaign than sit on their butt.''
He may be onto something being as the South has gone more and more Republican each election cycle over the last twenty-someodd years. Thank you Dems for electing this guy as your leader. It just keeps paying dividends.

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