May 30, 2005

Dispatches From The Red States (Part 3)...

On Monday (23rd), we took the kids to a cool children's museum in downtown Atlanta, then headed over to Centennial Park. There were fountains that the kids could run through and cool off. I got cooled off myself. I was feeling a little nutty. CNN.

News Channel of choice for Fidel Castro.
And FoxNews...

News Channel of choice for most of the American people.

Later was the big night! Star Wars: Episoded III Revenge of the Sith. My one word review: AWESOME! Everything I'd hoped it would be. I'll save commentary and review until after I've seen it at least one more time.

Here was one little Jedi who was psyched up for the show - my oldest.

Up Next: Stone Mountain Park and Play Ball!...

Previous Dispatches: Part 2 & Part 1

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