April 29, 2005

Democrats Scorn Frist Offer on Filibusters...

Just as expected, Harry Reid and the gang have turned down Bill Frist's compromise deal on judicial nominations, exposing their strategy - which is simply to prevent certain nominees from ever receiving a floor vote. The deal, which allowed for a maximum of 100 hours of debate for each nominee (about three weeks of actual Senate floor time - 50 hours of which would belong to Democrats to "make their case" against that nominee). But the truth is Democrats really have nothing to say that would convince anyone that these men and women are not well-qualified or don't deserve confirmation.

So the Democrats pathetically try once again to dig in and hunker down.

Democrats have threatened to shut down the Senate for all nonessential business if Republicans employ the option, which is likely to come sometime next month if a deal is not struck before then.
So, now there are no excuses. The Senate is in recess next week - again. It returns May 9th where the first order of business will be the highway bill. At any point between now and Memorial Day, Frist could initiate the filibuster rule change. We're waiting Senator....

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