March 31, 2005

Confirmation that this winter sucked worse than last year...

Yes, it's finally Spring and come Saturday Night we'll turn the clocks ahead and get...ta-da...more daylight.

It's still a bit chilly but my state of mind has improved considerably since all that white sh*t was washed away this week by the cleansing rain showers (and luckily I didn't get any water in the basement).

I've wondered for some time - how bad was this winter? Well, I just got a little reminder today. Stuck in my door was a receipt for an oil delivery. Now back in September I pre-payed my oil through what should have been about the end of May (based on my usage last winter). And all along I've been getting statements - not bills - showing a credit balance gradually getting smaller.

Well, back in Sept. I wrote a check for just over $1,700. Here we are six months later and my latest delivery slip reads $362.

How much do I have left on my credit? $223. Which means the next piece of mail I get from the oil company will be a BILL FOR $139!! And the average daily temp is still hovering in the low fifties!!

So there you have it. My suspicions have been confirmed. This winter TOTALLY SUCKED WAY WORSE THAN LAST YEAR!!

Well, March came in like lion. Here's to hoping it goes out like a hamster. Sheesh!!

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