July 28, 2005

Classic TV Wisdom of the Day...

This is it (This is it),
This is life, the one you get,
So go and have a ball.

This is it (This is it),
Straight ahead and rest assured,
You canÂ’t be sure at all.

So while youÂ’re here,
Enjoy the view,
Keep on doing what you do,
Hold on tight, weÂ’ll muddle through,
One Day At A Time (One Day At A Time)

So up on your feet,
Somewhere thereÂ’s music playinÂ’,
DonÂ’t you worry none,
WeÂ’ll just take it like it comes,
One Day At A TimeÂ…

The Translation:
Shut your cake-holes and stop moaning about how much your life sucks. EverybodyÂ’s life sucks sometimes. And when there seems to be some people who donÂ’t have any problems, they really do. YouÂ’re just not seeing their reality. Life is a gift to be grateful for. You try and enjoy it - one day at a time - because you never know what the future holds.

You take the ups and the downs and find happiness in the moment even though sometimes it seems there are more downs than ups. Take Ann Romano, for example. SheÂ’s a single-mom, wannabe feminist raising two whiny and demanding daughters all on her own. One grows up to be a recovering drug addict and the other runs off and marries a famous rock star.

She has a wimpy-assed, Liberal boyfriend who falls woefully short of the strong male presence these girls could use in their lives. What do they have to rely on in that department? The lecherous custodian with the cheesy moustache that lives in the basement. This is the guy who lets himself in to their apartment everyday for no apparent reason other than to hit on Ann and insinuate that all she really needs is to have her plumbing snaked.

So when life gets you down, STFU and appreciate what you have. HowÂ’d you like to be Ann Romano? Or worse? But we can all learn a valuable life lesson from Ann Romano. No matter what headaches and heartaches she has to deal with, she manages to find the inner strength to deal with it allÂ…One Day At A Time.

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