September 18, 2006

Socialist "Utopia" About To Make A Course Correction

The national commune that is the country of Sweden rejected twelve years of socialist rule this weekend, electing a center-right coalition to "streamline" its current welfare state.

[Coalition leader Fredrik] Reinfeldt accused the government of failing to translate the growth into more jobs and claimed the official statistics showing 5.7 percent unemployment were misleading. If you add people on sickness or disability leave or government job-training programs, the figure was higher than 20 percent, he said.
Almost 15% of the population sitting on their butts and still getting paid - off the backs of their fellow citizens?

Sounds like the Democrats' economic programs.

Nice to see some changes for the better in "old Europe". Sweden has been the poster child for advocates of a nanny state here in the U.S. Now where will they look to?

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