October 25, 2005

Three Cheers For Globalization!

Click here to see the how American culture is infiltrating China. Hilarious!! The looks on these kids' faces is priceless.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for finding this. It's streaming video so it may take time to load.

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October 12, 2005

An Emotional Goodbye For Gerhard

Ace has pens his love-letter to the the departing Chancellor. Heh.

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October 10, 2005

Eeeewww! French Hygiene Habits Revealed!

We go from Germany now over to France, where a new survey shows that the term "Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys" should be amended to "Filthy Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys".

"Only one-in-10 of our continental cousins regularly uses soap and one-in-25 never takes a bath or shower.

To make matters worse, one-in-33 never brush their teeth, according to a special report by the weekly magazine Le Point, which quizzed 10,000 people.

Rather than have a good wash, many French people simply use perfume and cosmetics to mask their smell.

Despite this, adults manage to spend between 48 and 56 minutes in the bathroom every day.

Of these, 14% make telephone calls, 8% sing and 6% smoke - and 1% admitted to eating there."

Troubling, to say the least.

Link courtesy of NealeNews

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Good News From Germany (Beyond Oktoberfest, That Is)

Herr Gerhard is outen! Frau Angela is in!

It seems all the hullabaloo over the razor-thin Parliamentary election victory of Angela Merkel's Christian Democrat Party has subsided, and a deal has been reached. Merkel will be the new Chancellor of Germany.

Under the agreement, which ends a three-week political deadlock, Merkel would have to give most of the seats in the new Cabinet to Schroeder's Social Democrats as the price of governing, including top jobs such as foreign minister.

Merkel also said good relations with the United States — another possible sticking point with Schroeder's party — would be a priority.

"I am convinced that good trans-Atlantic relations are an important task and that they are in Germany's interests," she said.

Well, a weak and ham-strung Pro-American German ally is better than nothing.

Hat-Tip To Jonah Goldberg, and Andrew Stuttaford who says "the stein remains half-empty" in his opinion.

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