September 19, 2005

North Korean Pledges To Quit Nuke Program

Now only a fool would completely trust that little buck-toothed punk, Kim Jong Il, at anything he promises, but it turns out that the six-nation negotiations have born at least some fruit - an agreement by North Korea to dismantle its nook-yoo-lar program. Of course, the North Korean dictator was able to extract its pound of flesh from the U.S. and its Asian allies as part of the bargain - simply put, money. And that of course was the whole point of their nuclear blackmail.

What's most amusing however is that I can recall a certain French-looking Democrat Presidential Candidate who went on and on about how a six-nation negotiation was too complicated and the only way the U.S. could succeed was to deal one-on-one with North Korea. What a genius, huh?

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