January 18, 2006

Tom Daschle Mulling It Over

Looks like even the former Senate Minority Leader is considering a run for the Presidency in 2008. Though, at this point, the possibility hadn't occured to the punditry.

Larry Sabato, a political expert at the University of Virginia, said Daschle was not in his latest rankings of likely Democratic candidates because he wasn't convinced Daschle would run.

"I wouldnÂ’t call him the favorite, or even second or third. But itÂ’s early," Sabato said.

Early is right. A lot of casual observers of politics just assume that Hillary is the slam-dunk favorite for her party's nomination. And in the long run, that very well may be the result (at least the one I'm hoping for).

But anyone who thinks that the other prospective candidates are just going to step aside in a year when there is no incumbent President or Vice-President running isn't being realistic. The Democratic field by Jan. '08 is going to be a deep one.

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