January 27, 2006

Harry Reid Comes Clean

Admits he doesn't have the votes to sustain a filibuster. The Alito vote is scheduled for Tuesday, hours before the State Of The Union.

Prediction: Moonbats won't care whether or not the votes are there and will scream all weekend that Dems should filibuster anyway.


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January 26, 2006

An Appropriate Analogy

Rick, the "Real Ugly American", picks apart a post written by a former employee of a Pacifica radio station (notorious for its Left-wing content) and sees a trend that looks awfully applicable to today's Democrat party.

An interesting read.

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January 25, 2006

One Democrat's Sober Assessment

Of the political landscape in the real world, that is. Dan Gerstein, a former communications director for Sen. Joe Lieberman, spells it out for the moonbats of his party in a column from last Sunday's Wall Street Journal.

And that's the heart of the problem with our party and its angry activist base. It's not so much that we're living in a parallel universe, but that we have dueling conceptions of what's mainstream, especially on abortion and other values-based issues, and our side is losing. We think that if we simply call someone conservative, anti-choice and anti-civil rights, that's enough to scare people to our side. But that tired dogma won't hunt in today's electorate, which is far more independent-thinking and complex in its views on values than our side presumes.

That point was driven home in an incontrovertible analysis of the 2004 election results by Bill Galston and Elaine Kamarck. They found that the American polity has undergone a great shaking out, where conservatives now vote almost universally for Republicans and liberals for Democrats, and that Republicans have won the presidency twice in a row because they're doing a better job of pulling moderates/independents their way--in particular married women and white Catholics who are uncomfortable with the Democrats on values issues. Judging from the dreadful tack our party took in the Alito process, it's clear that we haven't yet internalized these political realities--most likely because our anger at George Bush continues to blind us to them. Many Democrats just don't want to acknowledge that he's president and is going to pick conservative justices--let alone that the two we got, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, are about as good as we could hope for.

This episode shows we don't have any leader in power who will tell our base that we're not going to become a majority party again by telling the majority they're out of the mainstream. We do badly need leaders with courage--the courage, that is, to push our party (to borrow a phrase) to move on, to accept that we can't win with the same lame ideological arguments in post-9/11 America, and that we must develop an alternative affirmative agenda that shows we can keep the country safer, make the economy stronger, and govern straighter than the ethically challenged Republicans. Then we can worry about picking the nominees instead of fighting them.

Democrats ignore Gerstein at their own peril. I, for one, hope they continue to do so.

h/t: Human Events Online's AlitoBlog

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January 19, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Listen up, Moonbats:

"There is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government. There is nothing heroic about turning your back on America, or ignoring your own responsibilities."

- Bill Clinton, May 5, 1995

H/T: James Taranto, Best of the Web

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January 18, 2006

Tom Daschle Mulling It Over

Looks like even the former Senate Minority Leader is considering a run for the Presidency in 2008. Though, at this point, the possibility hadn't occured to the punditry.

Larry Sabato, a political expert at the University of Virginia, said Daschle was not in his latest rankings of likely Democratic candidates because he wasn't convinced Daschle would run.

"I wouldnÂ’t call him the favorite, or even second or third. But itÂ’s early," Sabato said.

Early is right. A lot of casual observers of politics just assume that Hillary is the slam-dunk favorite for her party's nomination. And in the long run, that very well may be the result (at least the one I'm hoping for).

But anyone who thinks that the other prospective candidates are just going to step aside in a year when there is no incumbent President or Vice-President running isn't being realistic. The Democratic field by Jan. '08 is going to be a deep one.

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January 13, 2006

Get That Microphone In Closer

kennedy biden.jpg

"We're just going to have to tell that annoying little schmuck, Ralph Neas, that we tried our best. What's he going to do? Go support Republicans now or something?"

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