September 22, 2006

The Other Winning Issue: Taxes

Michael Dukakis: Lloyd. How's that martini treating you?

Lloyd Bentsen: Not too badly, Mike. I wish the polls were treating us a little better.

Michael Dukakis: Well, Lloyd, we represent unpopular and discredited views.

Lloyd Bentsen: Mike! Now that it's all over, you can tell me. You were gonna raise taxes, weren't you?

Michael Dukakis: Well, you bet I was! Through the roof! But now.. I won't get the chance.

- Dukakis After Dark
SNL 11/5/88
It's been eighteen years since that hilarious sketch, but for Democrats some things never change.

The President launched a second front in his campaign offensive on behalf of GOP Congressional candidates - "They will raise your taxes".

No idle threat, this is a statement of fact. Democrats all along have been assailing "Bush's tax cuts for the rich", ignoring the reality that everyone who pays taxes has benefited - and has felt that benefit in their personal situations. Voters understand this only too well. High gas prices this past year have reminded Americans how tough even a small bite into their discretionary income can be. It also ignores the fact that the President's tax cuts have led to a booming economy, low unemployment and reduced deficits.

To borrow a cliche from Forrest Gump: Democrats and taxes go together like peas and carrots. It's always been standard operating procedure for them. But the President is reminding voters what happens if the Dems take the House, and if Charlie Rangel becomes Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee: repeal of the tax cuts of the past five years, which means tax hikes.

It's not speculation, it's the truth. And it's a winner for the GOP. Expect to hear it between now and November 7th again...and again...and again...

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1 You might want to take another look at the second to last paragraph.

Posted by: Santay at September 25, 2006 07:05 AM (JoJvT)

2 Wow. Talk about a brain fart. :blush: Thanks for catching that. I've revised that sentence.

Posted by: Gary at September 25, 2006 08:06 AM (QoxB+)

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