November 18, 2005

The "Hawkish" Democrat

There's an oxymoron if ever I heard one. Don Surber's take on Rep. John Murtha's statements yesterday pretty much sums it up:

As Glenn Reynolds and News Busters point out, this is hardly a new position for Murtha.

He declared Iraq "unwinnable" on May 6, 2004 -- barely six weeks before the government was handed over to Iraqis. Eight months before the Great Purple Finger Election.

Clearly Democrats do not want this war to be won. In calling for a retreat from the battlefield, Murtha dishonors every single soldier who ever went to Iraq. He undermines U.S. foreign policy. No ally will ever trust us again.

It is a sick party that seeks to surrender America to rogue bands of terrorists in Iraq. The Democratic Party is selling out not just the American military, not just the American pride, but American security. Having won Iraq, those "insurgents" -- those Baathists and Islamo-nutcases will head for our shores.

John McCain: "Because the stakes there are so high — higher even than those in Vietnam — our friends and our enemies need to hear one message: America is committed to success, and we will win this war."

Dissent? Fine. But it is time for these dissenters to use their right to remain silent.

This recurring tactic of showcasing someone with military experience to criticize the war is a desperate attempt by Democrats to try and gain some credibility on this issue. And it really is pointless since no reasonable intelligent person takes any Democrat seriously when they talk about military matters.

UPDATE: 8:45am
Captain Ed reacts:

I listened to Murtha extensively on CNN this afternoon as Wolf Blitzer interviewed him, and the AP left out some of Murtha's more idiotic commentary. He kept bringing up Abu Ghraib as if it were the most critical juncture in the Iraq War and kept insisting that it doubled the casualty rate. He repeatedly told Blitzer that the military could not beat the terrorists, a lovely message to send to the 150,000 men and women currently deployed to Iraq, as well as the Zarqawi network and their recruiters. In fact, for most of the interview Murtha could hardly complete a sentence, he became so hysterical.
Democrats didn't learn from their experiences with John Kerry that just because you served your country in the military doesn't mean you have the right to engage in activity that undermines its security. Benedict Arnold served his country with distinction - before he tried to screw it over.

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