November 07, 2005

Talking The Talk...And Twiddling Their Thumbs

This past Saturday morning I rolled out of bed, thew on some ratty clothes, put on a baseball cap and headed out to pick up some bacon, egg & cheese breakfast sandwiches for the family. As I drove down a road lined with trees adorned with mult-colored foliage, I was listening to my favorite talk radio station, WABC out of NYC.

The morning guy on Saturdays is Mark Simone. Simone is one of those old-school radio guys. Though he's a conservative-leaning Republican, he's extremely gracious to hostile callers (probably too much, in my opinion). He does, however, have a firm grasp of the facts and very politely rebutts the standard talking points that many of the callers throw out at him. I was amused to hear two consecutive callers making the same point with regard to the latest incarnation of the "Bush Lied" meme that Democrats are harping on heading into the 2006 mid-terms. Both callers said that despite the fact that Republicans have highlighted all the "anti-Saddam" quotes that Democrats have on record between 1998 and 2003, the difference with Bush was that he, as Commander-In-Chief, actually committed troops to Iraq.

Now my first question to these callers would be: And your point is? The President was authorized to do so by nearly every member of Congress in a joint resolution. Democrats like to forget about this. And today, most of them will claim that they never intended for the President to actually send troops - oh, heaven forbid. So what exactly did they intend for him to do, being familiar with all of the same intelligence data about Saddam Hussein?

Democrats also like to forget that it was their 2004 Presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry, was the very first government official to actually call for the President (though it was Clinton at the time) to send in troops to Iraq. It was on the This Week Sunday morning show back in 1998. In fact, George Will asked Kerry if he wasn't a little ahead of the President on this issue, to which Kerry replied, "yes, I'm very much ahead of the President here". Of course, Kerry was planning a run for President one day and he knew full well that Clinton would never send in troops. He just needed to sound tough.

But here's the real point. I would ask these callers quite plainly, "So, despite all the dire warnings about Saddam Hussein and his WMDs from all these prominent Democrats, if any of them were Commander-In-Chief do you think they would have sent in troops to Iraq?" The obvious answer would be "no". And this is what Liberals and Democrats fail to understand.

Democrats in Congress like to talk a good game, especially when they're up for re-election - as they were in 1998 and 2002. They like to beat their chests and stamp their feet and make themselves appear to be strong on National Security. But when it comes to actually doing something, they're useless as teats on a bull. The vast majority of Americans take National Security seriously and they understand all too well that, on this issue, Democrats are not serious people.

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1 I like Mark Simone too...Mark Levin often uses him as a sub when he's out. Simone is waaay too nice to some of the idiots who time he took about 3 or 4 minutes before he finally hung up on the guy (who wasn't even listening to what Simone was asking and kept on ranting and raving). Levin would have hung up on him in about 30 seconds. There is something to be said for civility, but when someone takes advantage--cut the cord!

Posted by: Pam at November 07, 2005 01:20 PM (I9LgB)

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