November 03, 2005

New Election Cycle, Same Losing "Strategery"

While the folks on the far Left are rubbing their hands together with glee over Harry's hissyfit earlier this week, BullDogPundit points out how the Dems are embracing a doomed strategy that will help keep them losing:

The Democrats have offered no alternatives to what they would do differently in Iraq. Rather, they are obsessed on their belief that the President lied about WMD's. While their kook base may believe that , out here in the real world most people don't. Was the intelligence wrong? Yes. But no one with sense thinks anyone deliberately lied about it to get us into war.

Further hampering their efforts are the fact that 28 Democrats voted in favor of the war, including many of those who now want to be President. That is not an enviable position to be in. What are they to say "Look, you should elect me because I was stupid enough to be manipulated?"

But wait...there's more.

While Democrats are banking on a 1994-like coup of Congress in 2006, the situations between these two election years is like comparing apples to oranges:

Could the GOP done as well as it did if they just hammered on Clinton? I think not. Rather, they had a list of new ideas that the voter could look at and say "Yeah, I agree with this".

Further, the 1994 takeover strategy did not start in 1993. It was many years in the making and done through with grassroots and fundraising efforts, as well as having to overcome a mindset of a permanent minority, which meant that nice, but ineffective men like Bob Michel had to go. It just so happened that the events of 1994 were a perfect storm that allowed the strategy to work flawlessly.

The grassroots and fundraising efforts of the Left have been driven by this same "Bush Hatred" mentality - not by any proposals, initiatives or ideas. Seeing how well its worked for Democrats in the last three election cycles, Republicans can only hope that they continue.

More please...with feeling!

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1 Yes, provided conservatives don't stay home out of disgust instead of voting. That's what I'm afraid will happen in 06 if things in Congress don't change, like the spending. Then, I didn't have a good day, so maybe I'm just feeling more cynical than usual.

Posted by: rightwingprof at November 03, 2005 06:20 PM (hj1Wx)

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