May 21, 2006

Lamont Crashes Party

CT businessman Ned Lamont garnered 33% of Democrat delegates at the party's State Convention on Friday, higher that the 15% needed to force a primary vote on August 8th.

Sen. Christopher Dodd nominated Lieberman, acknowledging his own differences with his colleague. Unlike Lieberman, Dodd was willing to wage a filibuster to fight the Alito nomination.

But Dodd, his voice hoarse, shouted from the podium that those differences do not outweigh Lieberman's strong record on bedrock Democratic issues.

"You may disagree with Joe on a particular issue. Despite those differences, Joe Lieberman is a valued member of the U.S. Senate," Dodd said. "Joe Lieberman takes on the Bush administration. Don't ever forget it."

Now that actual non-politico party members get to have a say. Even the Kos-fueled "insurgency" backing Lamont acknowledges that his hopes are slim. But that's not the point with these folks. Losing has become second-nature to them. They want to make a statement. And now that Lamont has his foot in the door, we'll be hearing a lot from the angry, anti-war Left here in CT.

Either way it's a win-win for Republicans. On the one hand, it will create a schizm between moonbat Democrats and moderate Democrats as they wrestle for control. And it will tie up precious resources and media coverage that could be better spent promoting lower-level Democrat candidates in tight races.

And if by some freak aligning of the stars Lamont were to win the nomination, a Senate seat that seemed a lock for reelection comes into play for the GOP. I think I'll go buy a package of mentos, and giggle myself silly on the way to the store.

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1 At the same time some of our conservative friends are threatening civil war with Bush over immigration, it's good to know that as disunited as we are, the moonbats in the Democrat Party will always sink to a lower level. It gives one hope!

Posted by: Mike's America at May 21, 2006 11:23 PM (SHL+1)

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