September 12, 2005

Gore: Bush Knew! (About Katrina!)...

Crazy old Uncle Al is at it again. In a speech to the Sierra Club in San Fran, he not only blames Bush for the aftermath of Katrina but implies that, because of Global Warming, the President knew just how bad it would be:

Bush administration officials have said Katrina's damage could not have been anticipated, but Gore rejected that.

"What happened was not only knowable, it was known in advance, in great and painstaking detail. They did tabletop planning exercises. They identified exactly what the scientific evidence showed would take place," Gore said.

Implicit in this charge is that the extent of the damage could have somehow been prevented - and that the administration did nothing about it.

Clearly the former Vice-President is off his meds again. So Al, how's your multi-million dollar public access channel doing these days?

UPDATE: 4:55pm
On a related note, Mac Johnson of Human Events lays out five proposals that would make future efforts more successful.

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1 god, am i getting sick of THAT clown. it's bad enough that he just can't grasp loosing the election from what seems like aeons ago, but he's still making these outrageous claims to this date (remember, when he "invented" the internet in the early 90s?) global warming is bad, very much so, but hurricanes majorly pre-date the roughly 120 years since we launched an ecological assault on our planet at the inception of the industrial revolution. now i am a HARSH critic of the bush administration's environmental policy (or their total lack of one, to be more precise) but i can't figure HOW that is the fault of global warming. these little political jabs are just a pathetic attempt to keep gore's name in the news and that is wrong. f**k him! what a weasel. now, to get to my criticisms. since we knew about it in advance, and ANYONE with a tv and a set of ears knew it was a predicted catagory 5, preparations should have been better devised. the response after the fact was pathetic, and old arabian horse-loving brown was right to retire as his ineptness cost MANY, MANY people their lives. no one can precisely predict what a hurricane will do, but if i can see how bad it is from my living room in PA, then what the heck took the gov't so long to get it together. and why didn't they just fire brown from the get go? he screwed up, bush knew it, and there should be no reason why people in public service can majorly f-up and not be held accountable - NO REASON! i find the blame shifting and wagon-circling from the right just as disgraceful as the "politicize-everything" tactics of the left. accountability is the name of this game, and it's just not happening.

Posted by: the most rev. jack habit at September 12, 2005 04:20 PM (yT+NK)

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