October 18, 2005

Good News And Bad News For Dems

A new study by Democracy Corp has some good news for the Democrat party faithful:

"Every public survey shows a country ready for a political upheaval in 2006."

Unfortunately for them, here's the bad news:

"Right now, Democrats are not yet the answer for the growing majority seeking change," according to the memo, which lists [James] Carville and [Stan] Greenberg as authors.

If not now, guys...when?

Sean Higgins looks at the report in The American Spectator Online. Democrats talk a good game about "changing" but they can't escape the pull of the Liberal (and often single-issue oriented) interest groups that represent the make-up of their base. Even if Carville, Greenberg, et. al. could actually come up with alternative "ideas" to broaden their appeal, any attractive idea would run counter to the entrenched positions of these Liberal groups. So where does that leave them? Higgins explains:

Instead, they call for Democrats to attack Republicans as the corrupt tools of corporate lobbyists and push an agenda of health care, education, tax hikes on the wealthy and bashing energy companies -- the, umm, same policies they've been pushing for the last few years as the minority party.

To be sure, things are pretty gloomy for the Republicans right now and Democrats could indeed come out on top in 2006. But if they do, it won't be due to any innovative thinking on their part.

Every autumn, Democracy Corps comes out with a new set of polling data and the same conclusion: they need to do something different to win. With Red States growing in Electoral Votes at the expense of Blue States every year, how long will it be before Mary Matalin can convince her husband to just throw in the towel?

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