November 02, 2005

Desperate Dems Help Unite Republicans

John McIntyre writes in the RealClearPolitics Blog about last night's Senate hijacking:

While it may be a positive short-term maneuver, I question the wisdom of this move over the longer term. The Alito nomination has laid the groundwork for a real nasty couple of months in the U.S. Senate and this stunt by the Democrats is only going to serve to unify the entire GOP caucus, at exactly the time when the Democrats only hope to beat the Alito nomination is their ability to fracture GOP loyalty and pull 6 Senators over to their side (either to vote outright against Alito or a refusal to vote for the nuclear option). Today's invocation of Rule 21 is not going to help Senate Democrats in this cause, and in fact, it makes whatever small chance the Dems had of defeating Alito, even smaller.
Let's face it, the Democrats had a lousy weekend: Miers' withdrawal and Alito's nomination has them in a panic and the air biscuit that Fitzgerald let out on Friday was a huge disappointment. As their relevance was waning, they needed some way to make news. This little stunt, however, was overreach.

As they embrace the mantras of the Lefty grassroots groups, they make themselves look silly by association. McIntyre explains:

One can honorably debate the wisdom of whether or not it made sense to go to war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. One can also debate whether the war has been prosecuted intelligently of competently. Serious people, however, can not debate whether or not the majority of the intelligence agencies of the world believed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
But then we're not talking about serious people here.

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