January 27, 2006

Helen Thomas Peevish Over "Snub"

After forty years of Presidents suffering the stupid questions of this kook (which are usually framed as thinly-veiled slander), George W. Bush has decided he doesn't have to put up with her crap. Good for him. Ever since JFK first decided to humor this twit in a press conference by taking her ridiculous questions, Helen Thomas has been a fixture in the White House press corp.

And, there she was sitting in the center of the front row yesterday waiting to ask such moronic questions as "You said you didn't go in [to Iraq] for oil or for Israel or for WMDs. So why did you go in?" For crissakes, this has only been the most discussed policy issue of this Administration. We've only been over and over and over this ad nauseum for the last three years. That wasn't designed to be a serious questions, it was meant to be an insult - a way for this Left-wing loony-toon to show her contempt for the President of the United States. Well, she kept waiting and before she knew it, the press conference was over. Now she's sulking about it. Boo-freakin-Hoo.

Helen Thomas thinks she's somehow entitled to ask her questions in these press conferences because she's never understood that past Presidents would call on her simply for their own amusement. Finally, we have a President who's willing to acknowledge that she's a joke. And when a joke stops being funny, you ignore it.

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1 Ha! What a hoot! I came here via Wordsmith who has a hilarious post about this. http://hammeringsparksfromtheanvil.blogspot.com/2006/01/heckler-thomas-profile-in-self.html I've always wondered why she had such an honor - but never wondered enough to look it up. So this has been interesting.

Posted by: beth at January 29, 2006 11:41 PM (X6tm3)

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