March 23, 2006

"Bush Makes Me Sick"

Drudge has reproduced a blackberry e-mail written by an ABC Executive watching the President's speech.

John Green, executive producer of the weekend edition of "Good Morning America" (I didn't even know it had a weekend addition), writes:

"Are you watching this? Bush makes me sick. If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time, I'm going to puke."
The funniest thing about this is the idea of a grown man in charge of network show (such as it is) coming across like a 15-year old girl sending a text message bitching about her Algebra teacher.

UPDATE 4:00pm:
Note, I failed to notice something significant about the email. The date is September 30, 2004. This was the date of the first Presidential debate against John Kerry in St. Louis, MO. So he sent this to someone (possibly at ABC) as he was watching it. Considering how things turned out on November 2, 2004, that makes this even funnier.

Any doubt that Bush made this guy "sick" enough to present the news in a way that favored Kerry over the following five weeks?

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March 02, 2006

Here We Go Again (Katrina Redux)

Just in time for the end of the wall-to-wall coverage of the "first Mardi Gras celebration since Hurricane Katrina" (as if they'd skipped a couple) the Old Media now presents an A/P story that takes another swing at the President.

Curt at Flopping Aces does a superb job of picking this one apart.

Even has wasted no time trying to capitalize on the potential fund-raising effects of this silliness. Their most recent email reveals the latest strategy to undermine Bush's ability to "keep us safe", which of course has always been the President's strongest issue.

"There can now be no mistake: President Bush had a chance to lead, and he failed to keep us safe. [their emphasis]

In the next few days, we'll be tracking this story carefully and coordinating our response with partners in New Orleans and around the nation."

Oh, and it wouldn't be a proper email if it didn't wrap up with a reminder to its members to "support our member-driven organization" and they can "give now" by check or a pledge online (link provided in email). Pathetic.

These Liberals are so vested in the idea that if they keep chucking rocks at the White House they'll eventually hit a window.

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March 01, 2006

Howard Kurtz Quotes...Me?

This says a lot more about the changing dynamics of the Blogosphere than it does about this blog in particular. In the Washington Post online today, columnist Howard Kurtz looks at the latest "Cheney will retire soon" meme being bandied about. Where does he go for reaction to the story? To the blogs - both right and left - and he included a portion of my own comments among them (see page 2).

I have to say it's really strange to take a quick look at your Sitemeter report and see a pillar of the MSM listed as a referrer. I note that Kurtz has to provide a euphemism for one of my words (replacing "piss-ant" with "low-level"). I have no problem with that. But it reminds me that anything a blogger writes could end up being reproduced anywhere and you're less likely be quoted - and taken seriously - if you lace your ramblings with obscenities as so many of the Liberal blogs do. This is one of the reasons why I usually make it a point to "temper my enthusiasm", if you will.

UPDATE: 3/6/06 8:30am
Thanks to Robert at BlatherReview for alerting me that that original link has been archived. I have updated it accordingly.

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