November 17, 2005

Waiting 'Em Out

In a post praising Senator John McCain's opposition to the ridiculous defense bill amendment passed by the Senate the other day, Betsy Newmark makes an excellent observation.

I teach a class on the American Revolution and the Civil War and we were just winding up our study of the Revolution yesterday with a contrafactual discussion of what would have happened if the French had not helped us at Yorktown. The consensus of the class is that Washington and the Americans would have continued their defensive-offensive tactics until British public opinion demanded an end to the war. I suspect that they are right. And remember, that by the second half of 1864 that that was the South's main hope in the Civil War. An exhausted public is one of the main advantages that a weaker power has in fighting a war. Think of Vietnam. The terrorists in Iraq have learned the lesson well that a democracy will only fight as long as the will of the people is behind the fight. So, they must weaken that will. The Senators voting for this amendment have just given them a victory.
And the moonbats on the Left, pounding away at the legitimacy of this mission, are doing a great disservice to our military who are trying to get the job done - whether they want to admit it or not.

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