January 11, 2007

POTUS Speech

Didn't see the speech live. Read it this morning.

I don't have all the data about the current situation in Baghdad and Anbar Provence (few do). But it strikes the right tone in my mind.

Implementing this plan offers no guaranty of victory, but the Democrats' alternative can only guaranty defeat. It's the only thing they understand.

As far as I'm concerned, only one of these choices is acceptable. Give our men and women what they need, remove the unnecessary restrictions on the rules of engagement and let them do their job. Period.

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January 02, 2007

Not That The Need To Hang Saddam Wasn't Already Self-Evident

But it's inevitable that many of us today will return to work and run across those annoying people who will try to play devil's advocate and argue that executing this butcher wasn't really necessary or try to make some lame feel-good anti-death penalty case.

Hit them with this beauty from Clifford May at NRO:

Imagine that Saddam had not been executed. Imagine that he had been sentenced to life in prison.

Now imagine that a group of pro-Saddam terrorists seizes an elementary school. They say they will kill all the students and teachers if Saddam is not released within 24 hours.

Should Saddam then be released? Or should several dozen innocent children and their teachers be killed?

Is it not better that we have guaranteed that it will never be necessary to make such a choice?

That ought to shut their pie-holes for them, but good. Actually, we should thank our lucky stars that the terrorists didn't think of this one before.

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