January 03, 2006

The Damage That Has Been Done

AJ Strata explains how he thinks Al Qaeda will likely use the knowledge of recently leaked NSA programs against us:

For the terrorists to use the leak of the NSA spy program against us they simply have to start contact innocent Americans at random. That way their communications with their agents here in the US will be one contact within numerous fake contactsl. But it doesnÂ’t stop there. If these terrorists target liberals and well known leftists, then it will become clear the Feds will be detecting calls to these anti-war types. And if that news were to break, then the left would go more hysterical than they are now and we would have a real problem in the country trying to stay focused on protecting ourselves. And that would give Al Qaeda the distraction they need to get a WMD in place.

There it is. A simple counter exploitation scenario. I have posted this because I realized the only possible way to pre-empt this scenario is to predict it before the next round of news stories come out with Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi being identified as targets of the NSA because terrorists were contacting them to disrupt us politically.

Thank you, NY Times. A-holes!

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1 Our enemy within — exemplified by the fifth-columnists running the NY Times — is definitely al Qaeda's ace in the hole. They have already learned to exploit it, by making it SOP to claim to be tortured if they're captured.

Posted by: Van Helsing at January 03, 2006 03:29 PM (e8Fsv)

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