September 02, 2006

Misremembering Beslan


BESLAN, North Ossetia -- School No. 1 stands in ruins. People still come from around the world to place fresh flowers and bottles and jars full of water on the school grounds.

Two years ago Friday, terrorists seized School No. 1 and held more than 1,100 children, parents and grandparents hostage for three days in sweltering heat. Deprived of food and water, the hostages were reduced to chewing on leaves and sucking wet rags for moisture.

On the third day of the crisis, federal troops stormed the school in a hail of gunfire -- the school was destroyed by explosions and fire. To date, 332 people have died as a result of the siege.

Outside of bloggers, the rest of the mainstream media fails to identify the Islamic origin of the terrorists who committed this vile crime against humanity.

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