December 01, 2005

Jack Murtha: Just What Bush Needed

John Podhoretz makes the case today in his NY Post column that Jack Murtha's call for withdrawal and the GOP's forced vote on it taught the White House a valuable lesson:

Suddenly, withdrawal was off the table. But Murtha had demonstrated something important: In the absence of a constantly echoed positive line of argument about the U.S. role in Iraq, over time the debate will be framed by the war's opponents in a way injurious to the overall goal of prevailing over the enemy.

Had Bush been talking about victory throughout 2005, had he informed the American people over and over that we are in Iraq to win, he might not have found himself with a distressed and disillusioned American public sorry we had gone in there in the first place.

Evidently, what he and the rest of the GOP needed was for Jack Murtha to go out there and lose one for the Gipper.

Now, if the President can stay focused on offense, maybe he can undo some of the damage that Democrats have done to our military's morale.

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