January 26, 2006

Iraqi General: WMD's To Syria

Rick Moran has pulled together a lot of resources that support this breaking story. According to Saddam's number 2 in command of the Iraqi Air Force, the Iraqi stockpile of WMDs was ordered to be transported to Syria via commercial jets in 2002 - 56 trips in all - as the U.S. and its coalition allies made preparations to remove Saddam from power.

His post, "Oh Those Pesky Iraqi WMDs!", scratches that "nagging itch" that has been at the back of his mind (and mine as well) over what happened to all these weapons that everybody knew he had.

Despite the Old Media's attempts to ignore this, this really needs to be verified and Syria must be investigated. Yeah, sure. I'd really love to tell those on the Left "told ya so", but more importantly if there is a possibility that these WMDs still exist they pose a huge threat not only to the region but to the United States.

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