May 09, 2006

"Every Year Is Worse Than The Previous Year"

I wasn't going to bother posting on this topic, as some of the "biggie" blogs have it covered. But this is war.

Al Qaeda is sucking wind in Iraq per a transmission intercepted by CENTCOM who's author bemoans the deteriorating situation of the "jihad" movement against the forces of Democracy. Captain Ed has an excellent analysis.

They are unorganized, running out of ammunition and failing in their attempts to manipulate the U.S. media. They are slowly but surely diminishing from a threat to a nuisance. In other words WE ARE WINNING and THEY ARE LOSING. Big Time.

So desperate are these mujahidin thugs that they are resorting to hacking blogs with Denial-Of-Service attacks. Such an attack went after the and Blogspot sites this morning. Dr. Rusty Shackleford has the details.

Nice try, scumbags.

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