December 15, 2005

Big Day

I can't let today pass without a tip of the hat to the Iraqi people who turned out today in huge numbers to vote for their new government.

Another milestone for a future of Freedom and self-determination for this nation.

I hope to God that President Bush shames the asshole Democrats who've been so negative about this situation in his State of the Union in January. But since I know what a class act he is, he won't do it.

He SHOULD say how ashamed he is that members of our government would bad-mouth and downplay such important events for political motive. These people are despicable. In another time and place they would be tried for treason.

He SHOULD say how disgusting the words and actions of these bullshit cowards are when they have nothing to lose except their own integrity.

He SHOULD point out how wrong they are in their assessment of the success of the Iraqi people.

But he won't. Because he has too much respect for the offices to which they've been elected even if they don't.

Congratulations again to the people of Iraq.

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