February 27, 2006

RINO Sightings - The "Is It March Yet?" Edition

It's Carnival Time and RINO's are Raging this week all over the country, but those in the...um...less temperate climates, shall we say... are looking eagerly at the calendar as we inch closer to spring - and Spring Training as well! The kids finished their winter vacations and headed back to school today. So now that I have the old PC to myself, let's get underway for this week's R.I.N.O. Sightings!


First up, Dan at Searchlight Crusade looks at the underlying motivation for much of the opposition to the GWOT - the threat that its cost will have on Domestic spending for Liberals' pet programs. He also debunks the idea that "All mortgage money comes from the same place."

Ever pondered the different choices in firearms for home protection? Say Uncle evaluates the alternatives: handgun, carbine or shotgun?

Orac at Respectful Insolence examines a new theory of anti-Semitic idiocy: Tom and Jerry - a propaganda invention by Hollywood Jews to brainwash European children?

Barry Campbell has discovered every Libertarian's nightmare of the future. He also directs us to a controversial essay written by William F. Buckley, a sage of modern American Conservatism, which declares Iraq a failure of U.S. Foreign Policy.

Mark Coffey at Decision '08 writes about the reaction to Buckley's article from the Angry Left.

Next, we go to Digger's Realm for a report on the record of Phillipines President Gloria Arroyo and why Filipinos deserve better.

Don Surber dives headlong into the controversial "To pull or not to pull the plug" debate. A brave man.

There was a time when "Liberal" meant open-minded. As Scott over at Environmental Republican shows us, apparently the Liberal version of an open-mind doesn't have room for opposing viewpoints.

Dean Esmay tells us about how evironmental groups are freaking out over the books that President Bush is reading.

And several of us RINOs wrote quite a bit about this week's Dubai Ports World deal and all the accompanying political fallout.

The Mind of Mog is very down on the deal noting that Osama must be pleased about the whole thing. He also comments on Bush's judgment in threatening to use the very first veto of his presidency on this matter. And oh, by the way. It's twenty-two ports we're talking about, not six.

But A.J. Strata supports the deal, emphasizing the importance of the UAE in the GWOT.

A.J. has written several posts on the subject all week. In fact, J.D. at Evolution, The Next Step cites two of them in his post about the Port deal..

And security aside, there are serious political implications for both parties in the way they've handled the whole situation. Go Inside Larry's Head to see why he thinks Bush's "trust me" approach falls woefully short.

Allan at Polytechnical Institute, on the other hand, sees this as brilliant politics on Bush's part.

And as for the Democrats? In what may be one of the best round-ups from around the 'sphere, the DANEgerous Weblog cites tons of evidence to indicate that they are really shooting themselves in the foot over this one because "It's About The Strategery...Stupid."

Well, we shall certainly find out in the coming weeks. Until the next Carnival, this is Gary the Ex-Donkey saying "Keep Raging!"

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1 High praise indeed from a fellow ex-Donkey. thanks,

Posted by: DANEgerus at February 27, 2006 10:17 AM (J8yxJ)

2 Nice job, quite an interesting species, the RINOS.

Posted by: Jane at February 27, 2006 08:35 PM (Ffvoi)

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