May 26, 2006

New Poll

There's a new poll up in the sidebar. It's a fairly specialized one that'll mainly appeal to parents and caregivers of young children.

It's called "Survivor: Wiggle Bay". Assuming all of the Wiggles characters are stranded at Wiggle Bay to compete for the top prize, which one do you think would be voted off first?

Silly, yes. But I've been kicking around this scenario in my twisted mind for some time.

Have a great weekend!

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May 19, 2006

New Poll

As Phil Collins said, "It' an illegal ay-lee-uh-un."

Go vote about the proposed barrier for the U.S.-Mexico border in the newest weekly poll.

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May 12, 2006

New Poll

This weeks latest poll is up in the sidebar: "How Will Gas Prices Affect Your Driving Habits This Summer?"

The results of the "If AZ Senator John McCain Earned The GOP Nomination in 2008, Would You Vote For Him" Poll were as follows:

(10.5%) = "Absolutely, He's My First Choice"
(15.1%) = "He's Not My First Choice, But I'd Vote For Him In The General Election"
(36.0%) = "I Wouldn't Be Thrilled About It, But I'd Hold My Nose And Pull The Lever"
(23.3%) = "Only If Hillary Was The Democrat Candidate"
(5.8%) = "I Would Consider Not Voting On Election Day"
(4.7%) = "I Would Definitely Stay Home On Election Day"
(4.7%) = "I Would Vote Democrat Rather Than See McCain Become President"

So while McCain completely turns off 15% of the respondents, 85% would vote for McCain under the right circumstances. Of that amount, a full three quarters of respondents are resigned to voting for McCain if he gets the nomination.

But if John McCain wants the GOP nomination, he has a long way to go before he earns enough core support to have any hope. Certainly, the biggest factor is field of candidates. But at this point, despite his popularity with the media, I think his chances of becoming the nominee are pretty piss poor. Keep in mind that this is as unscientific a poll as you could get (with the possible exception of the CBS/NY Times poll, that is).

I will run this same poll agains every three months to see if any trends develop.

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May 05, 2006

New Poll

Even though we're two full years out from the 2008 Presidential primary season, the name of Arizona Senator John McCain is the subject of much discussion as the potential 2008 nominee. The MSM have all but anointed him but most Republicans and Republican-leaning voters have some definite feelings about his candidacy.

I'll likely repeat this poll every few months and track the responses for any trends. So go sound off about the "straight talk express".

Note: I've moved the Weekly Poll a little farther down the sidebar, after the "Day By Day" cartoon.

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