November 06, 2006

The Board Is Set, The Pieces Are Moving

We've all had the experience of sitting in a movie theater or in our living rooms watching a movie where events were unfolding toward an unmitigated disaster. You see characters doing things they shouldn't (or not doing things that they should) but you only know this because you have more information than they do. You're helpless to change anything and all you can do is watch and cringe.

Well, you have all the information you need about this election. And you're powerless to affect the outcome on grand scale. But you do have control of one thing: your vote.

If you choose not to cast your ballot or if you decide to vote for someone you wouldn't otherwise vote for simply to "send a message" to people you're unhappy with you may look back on this time with the realization of what a mistake that was.

You might look back from a recession because Democrats raised taxes and threw the brakes on this strong economy.

You might look back from a ridiculous Constitution-gutting Supreme Court ruling based on a 5-4 decision because Stevens or Ginsburg retired and the President couldn't get a decent nomination out of the Judiciary Committee.

Or you might look back from a devastating terrorist attack because Democrats took away important tools from our military and intelligence services that would have stopped it.

Will you look back from any of these scenarios and realize that you did nothing to stop this? Maybe Republicans will lose control of one or even both Houses of Congress anyway. But do you want to look back with the regret that you helped that happen?

I don't. And I won't.

This election will be fought in every State and every district and it will come down to turnout. And that turnout starts with you and me.

What do you say, Bluto?

Hat Tip to The Colossus for the clip.

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1 My compliments on the nice LOTR riff in the title.

Posted by: Robert the Llama Butcher at November 06, 2006 05:21 PM (fKpiB)

2 YEAHHHARGHHH!!! LET'S DO IT!!! Ah..ya know...VOTE!! Thanks for reminding me how much I loved Animal House! Oh..I am so borrowing this YouTube video!

Posted by: skye at November 06, 2006 09:39 PM (2NAoV)

3 I absolutely loooooooooove that video, I think I may snag it for tomorrow's post. Great find!!!!!!!

Posted by: Little Miss Chatterbox at November 06, 2006 09:44 PM (ZfLHN)

4 I'm with Skye! YEAHHHARGHHH!!! LET'S DO IT!!! Huh. Not quite the same when you vote a week early. BUT LET'S DO IT ANYWAY!!!

Posted by: Indigo Red at November 07, 2006 02:20 AM (Mv6eu)

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