October 31, 2006

CT - "The Moonbat Pickett's Charge"

This is how Dean Barnett, posting at Hugh Hewitt's blog, describes the Ned Lamont candidacy.

It wasnÂ’t that long ago when Ned Lamont was the most beloved figure amongst the Nutroots. But lately, the Nutroots have turned on their erstwhile hero like the pack of rabid Chihuahuas that they are. One can hardly read a left wing blog without seeing opprobrium hurled in NedrenalineÂ’s direction for the awful campaign that he has run.

In truth, Lamont was straitjacketed by his primary campaign. ItÂ’s not exactly like tacking to the sensible center was an option once he had a bunch of overly-enthused moonbats whopping it up in his living room.

But the real point of the Lamont campaign is that even in left of center Connecticut, thereÂ’s not much enthusiasm for the Democratic candidates beyond the fevered base which admittedly has enthusiasm to spare. But in America, you only get to vote once regardless of how passionate you are about a candidate or the issues. ItÂ’s that little technicality, and not any meta-campaign failures, that have doomed the Lamont campaign and suggest a bad moon rising for the left.

It doesn't matter how loud you scream, how hard you stamp your feet or how many vulgarities you post - on election day you're only one vote. Allow me to quote Willy Wonka: "Everyone gets one, and one is enough for everyone."

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