August 09, 2006

Joe And Me

I'd like to step back a bit with some personal reflections about Joe Lieberman. Joe and I go way back. No, we've never actually met. But my own political history is very much tied to his career as CT's Senator over the last 18 years. more...

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August 08, 2006

How "Blue" Is CT?

There's a quick analysis of CT's election history over at the "Sixers" blog at NRO that asks the question.

Notwithstanding data that indicates that it's not that strong a "Blue State", trust me when I say that it is very Blue - in the sense that Liberals feel quite at home here and are more than comfortable piping up about their politics. But that's the group that are more or less politically active. There are plenty of Conservatives in CT. We're just more likely to be low-key about it. There's little point in getting into arguments with friends, family and co-workers when the other side is so hostile to what you have to say and will never - ever - change their minds.

That being said, I do agree with the assessment that the majority of CT voters gravitate to the candidate that is perceived to be the most "middle-of-the-road". I say "perceived" because the candidates actual voting record matters less than how they seem. If a candidate comes across as being even-tempered and independent (not beholden to either extreme), that candidate tends to do well here. It wasn't so long ago that CT had an independent Governor, Lowell Wiecker (formerly a Liberal Republican).

All this indicates that an independent Joe Lieberman might very well be just as, if not more, successful than the Joe Lieberman with the party affiliation.

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