December 06, 2005

Oh Good God, No!

Former CT Governor Lowell Weicker is actually considering a run for the Senate seat currently held by Joseph Lieberman in 2006. Weicker, currently 74 years old, was interviewed over the phone by the NY Times and asked if he would run. His response was basically that if Lieberman goes unopposed, he is thinking about giving it a go.

"If he's out there scot-free and nobody will do it, I'd have to give serious thought to doing it myself, and I don't want to do it," added Mr. Weicker, an independent, who said he had been opposed to the war from the beginning.
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Weicker, he was the original "maverick" Republican. He was really an ultra-Liberal Senator posing as a Republican. Even for Connecticut, he was out there. Now it looks as though Weicker has joined the anti-victory moonbat parade.

In 1988, Weicker was challenged for his Senate seat by one Joe Lieberman, who won. Two years later, having been rejected by his own party, Weicker ran as an "Independent" for Governor. Oh, did the media just love that one. And the asshole won!

What was the first thing he did? After campaigning on a pledge to pull the state out of its financial woes without raising taxes, he instituted the first State Income Tax in Connecticut's history. And we've been stuck with it ever since. When the people of Connecticut lost their shit over it, the General Assembly passed a measure to repeal it. And guess what? Weicker freaking vetoed it!!

Needless to say, the state would have thrown him out on his ass had he decided to run for reelection. I guess he was satisfied that he'd done enough damage. Now every time the state hits a surplus, the schmucks in Hartford find more stupid crap to spend it on. So the bottom line is the State Income Tax ain't going away - ever. It drove away so many people from the state to points south and west that we lost a congressional seat after the last census.

Could he win? I'm inclined to think not. Lieberman is still very popular in this state and Weicker is generally considered to be somewhat of wing-nut has-been. But consider this:

Mr. Weicker said on Monday that "a large bloc within the Democratic Party" in Connecticut opposes his position on the war and wants to see him challenged from within the party.
He's not kidding. There is a grass-roots effort in the state Democrat party to challenge Lieberman for the nomination. It's quite possible he could be beaten as the Democrat candidate. And the screwballs on the Left would have no problem running Weicker to challenge Lieberman as a Democrat. Why the hell not, he's been everything else.

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