August 15, 2006

The UN: Useless As Ever

The UN-brokered cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah was broken by Hezbollah within four hours. Why Israel even listens to the UN is a mystery, considering its blatant anti-Israeli stance. The Israeli majority is feeling betrayed by its government's willingness to agree to the cease fire, and calls are going out for Prime Minister Olmert's resignation.

Olmert's bad judgment (and the fallacy of a cease fire being effective) aside, the UN has proven its weakness once again. Trying to make peace with a terrorist organization? The only reason for Hezbollah's being is to wipe out Israel. It has no interest in peace. But then, the UN doesn't exactly have its priorities in the right place. This is an agency whose main responsibility seems to be to provide high profile, high paying jobs for people who would never make it in real-world employment. Let's look at the UN's successes, shall we?


We do have, however, the Oil-for-Food scandal, the kiddie sex scandal in the Congo, Libya being chosen to chair the Human Rights Commission, and the spectacular failure to forestall genocide in Rwanda -- just to name a few.

When corruption scandals break in the corporate world (i.e. Enron and MCI Worldcom), mighty heads roll. The public demands justice. When corruption scandals break in the UN, a collective yawn is heard throughout the world, and business as usual commences. The public couldn't care less.

Why we are allowing this corrupt, broken-down institution have anything to do with world affairs is beyond me. Putting the UN in charge of peace in the Middle East is akin to putting the hens in charge of the foxes. It simply doesn't work.

The UN began as a noble idea and ended up being an albatross around our necks that we can no longer afford to hang on to. The only ones who benefit from the UN's existence are teapot dictators like Fidel "Is He Still Alive" Castro and frauds like Kofi Annan.

Jeff Jacoby put it succinctly:

The UN is a corrupt institution, one that long ago squandered whatever moral legitimacy it had. The UN's founding documents venerate justice and human rights, but for the past 40 years, the organization has been dominated by a bloc of states -- essentially the Afro-Asian Third World -- most of whose governments routinely pervert justice and violate human rights.

Inside the United Nations, there is no difference between a dictatorship or a democracy: Each gets exactly one vote in the General Assembly. The reason the UN indulges vicious regimes like those in North Korea, Syria, and Cuba is that they are members in good standing, and most other governments lack the courage to cross them. The UN cannot be fixed unless that changes -- and that isn't going to change.

The UN has to go -- the sooner the better.

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