September 07, 2005

U.N. Corruption Stinks To High Heaven...

So says the official report on the "Oil for Food" Scandal. The report, released today, documents a pattern of lies, greed and unethical behavior (not to mention aiding and abedding a blood-thirsty dictator's oppression over Iraq's citizens) and names names - including one Kofi Annan.

Having had his complete mismanagement identified as a major cause of the scandal, the Secretary-General had this to say:

"The findings of today's report must be deeply embarrassing to all of us," Annan told the Security Council Wednesday. "None of us — member states, secretariat … can be proud of what it has found. Who among us can now claim that U.N. management is not a problem or is not in need of reform?"
No need to worry about reform, Kofi. There's a certain John Bolton that would like to sit down with you and discuss some serious changes that need to come to Turtle Bay.

Fear the 'Stache!!

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