September 06, 2005

Truly Disgusting...

The way the Left is reacting in the wake of Katrina may be the most appalling behavior I've witnessed out of them...ever. To politicize the freaking weather of all things is in and of itself ridiculous enough, but to stoop to the kind of crap they were spewing this weekend is beyond the pale.

And we all know why Democrats are so quick to use this tragedy to direct their fire at the President. As H-Bomb at ABP explains:

Though it is controversial to say so, the political Left in America has been waiting anxiously for Hurricane Katrina to come along for quite a while (almost four years, to be exact) and now that she has come, they can hardly contain their glee.

Oh, I don’t mean that the Left has been waiting for a hurricane, per se. Actually, they always figured it would come in the form of another terror strike: the moment when they would finally change the average American's point of reference. They desperately need Americans to forget about 9-11. They desperately want Katrina, not 9-11, to be the defining moment of the Bush presidency.

Patrick Hynes, also of Ankle-Biting Pundits, has a column in today's American Spectator Online that chronicles the co-ordinated efforts among Liberals and the MSM to make this all about Bush.

Even Hillary is calling for a "Katrina Commission" to investigate how this happened. You know how it happened. New Orleans has been a city below sea-level since it's inception. Louisiana is located in the heart of hurricane country. The State and local officials have had forever to come up with a contingency plan for something like this. They chose to ignore the problem. FEMA and Homeland Security could be doing a LOT better, true. But that pinhead Mayor Ray Nagin has a lot of balls throwing blame around when he sat idly by and did NOTHING to evacuate those who needed help the most. What a bunch of crap.

I agree with H-Bomb, that non-partisan Americans aren't going to fall for this. Even ABC couldn't manipulate the results of its own poll enough to come to a different conclusion.

If you need a better example of the treachery of the American political Left, you'll never be convinced.

Understand, these are also the same people who giggle amongst themselves every time an Armed Service man or woman is killed in Iraq. These are the people who want the Afghan elections in mid-September to fail. These are the people who hope the Iraqi constitution is voted down. These are the people who promised us they would just leave if we re-elected George W. Bush; they would move to Canada or Europe. (Talk about your broken campaign promises.) These are the people who, for partisan gain, have hoped against all hope for another terror strike in the United States.

Yes, we lost a lot of Americans as a result of Hurricane Katrina. But I’m not talking about her victims. I’m talking about the political Left who was singing in the rain and dancing on the corpses because they thought they could score political points.

Truly disgusting.

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